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Excellent trainer!

Sully graduated today & the difference in my dog is night & day!! I enjoy my dog and it has made me a better dog mom. I understand my job and love that he responds so well to me now! I had gone through training before with Sully and this is a totally different experience and Nicole produced spectacular results. I can board my dog with my trainer now when I go on vacation and I feel so comfortable with how she will care for Sully. This has been such a great experience.
Phyllis C

Phyllis C.  // Verified Facebook Review

I'm so happy

I’m so happy I found Off Leash K9 Training. My trainer was great working with Gus. She worked around his medical condition, and helped him gain confidence. He is so much easier to walk now. I would recommend this business to anyone who wants to improve their pets behavior. We will be back.

Tuck T.  // Verified Facebook Review

Transformation is truly amazing

Best dog training in West Texas!! My trainer is beyond amazing at what she does! I had constant updates and videos sent to me on a daily basis. The communication was amazing, I never had to wonder or worry about my Sadie Mae for the entire two weeks that she was there.

My trainer was also always available with any questions I had during or after training. I would highly recommend this boarding school training for any dog owner that is having issues with their dog if you don’t believe me just watch my Sadie Mae’s amazing transformation in her video that’s been posted on this website.

The transformation is truly amazing. We thought we might have rehome our Sadie Mae and now we get to keep her forever my trainer was such a blessing to us!!


Pam S.   // Verified Facebook Review

Well worth every penny

My trainer and off the leash training is amazing!!! A miracle worker if I must say. Lola did two week board and train and was an uncontrollable hell hound when she started and I am still in awe that she is inside our house tonight and not tearing the walls down. I highly recommend them. Well worth every penny.

Ashley P.  // Verified Facebook Review

Amazing Job!

I just picked my Val up from the Board and Train program today, and my trainer and her team have done an amazing job.

She allows several hours for pick-up, and makes sure you are completely comfortable with all the commands the staff works on with your pet. I look forward to our walks now, instead of dreading them!

Rebekah B

Rebekah B.  // Verified Facebook Review

Thank you Off Leash K9 Training

Our Giant Schnauzer was I thought untrainable. He would not mind at all and was not enjoyable to be around. As a last resort my wife looked up trainers and she liked the comments from people that had their dogs trained at Off Leash K9 Training.

I took Tripp up to Amarillo so we could see if they could do something with him. I picked him up earlier and he is so much better. He minds now and I think it was the best thing that could have happened to him. I will be able to enjoy being around him. Thank you Off Leash K9 Training for all that you did to get Tripp to be the kids be of dog that we wanted him to be.

Thank you,
Richard Swafford


Richard S.   // Verified Facebook Review

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